Cades Cove
Cades Cove

A cove is a mountain valley, and Cades Cove the most visited spot in the Smokies. Don't let "cove" fool you. Cades Cove is 1900 feet elevation. We took the first photo from the right side of the "loop" road, a road liberally sprinkled with original buildings and churches of Cades Cove. It's eleven miles long and you can see the left loop across the vast field. One of the best places we visited and a tourists dream. The second photo is one of a deer I actually caught with her hooves in the air, leaping from where she stood to cover. We saw a crowd peering into the dense woods on the steep, narrow road leading into Cades Cove. A Black bear cub was up a tree and tourists had followed it, right to the tree. Then they learned Mama Bear was on her way and park rangers had to be called to clear the area before Mama arrived. There are warnings posted all over, but incidents like this still happen.

Cades Cove eleven mile loop road

Deer running from the loop road

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