Louise Mandrell Theater
Louise Mandrell Theater

Louise's show is billed as "The most attended show in the Smokies" and it certainly didn't disappoint. As the first photo shows, we sure had good seats. Louise is warm, friendly and extremely talented. She interacts a lot with her audience and does a fantastic tribute to the armed forces. Her second half show entrance by parachute was really something, and the gospel singers went around the audience during their segment to shake EVERY hand. Point of interest: Every Sunday morning, Louise's college-age daughter holds nondenominational worship services in this theater. Louise is a "greeter" at the door. No collection plate is passed, no donations are required and they don't care what you look like or how you're dressed. All they ask is you bring a can or package of food, or even food from your hotel room you planned to throw out and allow them to use it to feed those unable to provide for themselves. A truly remarkable woman in many, many ways.

Louise Mandrell

Louise entering by parachute Gospel singers

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