Rafting on the Big Pigeon

White water rafting on the Big Pigeon River is unforgettable. The only course harder than the one we took was the one used in the 96 Olympics. We suspected we weren't quite ready for that so we took the next level down. The clouds in some of these photos was a portent of the drenching we received, both from the river and sky. The trips go off rain or shine, cancelled only in severe lightning. What a blast we had! The first photo is the rafting company headquarters, where we were equipped, classed and assigned a river guide. The second photo is our guide, Ed, instructing us on what paddling or "no paddling" orders from him to listen for and how quickly we could end up swimming if we didn't react fast enough. There were eight of us (including Ed) in our raft. Me, my son, husband and four teenagers (3 boys and a girl) from Miami. We listened and didn't lose one rafter into the drink. Those of you who know my fear of lake and river water will appreciate how hilarious was what the teens father innocently said to me when we returned. "We were so worried! We knew they were with you!" They had no idea how worried they should have been. The third photo is Ed, keeping a sharp eye on the river and us. He was seated next to my husband, his anchor man.

Pigeon River Outdoors

Ed instructing the rafters

Ed scouting the river

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